Trauma Treatment Center approaches treatment from trauma informed perspectives that are sensitive to the experiences of clients and their loved ones.  

Our foundation of understanding the needs of our community is essential in our ability to respect all its members, and in our ability to offer support and services to all who seek it.  Our staff is driven to further learning at all stages.  TTC is committed to implementing proven clinically studied modalities into our practice, and will continue to learn and keep up to date on new approaches.  In the future we are excited to begin our own journey into clinical research to provide additional resources in the future not only for ourselves but for trauma support services everywhere. Currently we offer EMDR, play therapy, infant mental health and support for families in crisis.



Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), this method of treatment stimulates the brains natural ability to process information.


play therapy

Play is a childs first language, using play to process experiences, emotions and narratives can be highly effective with children.


Infant Mental Health

We acknowledge that from birth humans have experiences that are sometimes negative; here infants and their caregivers can receive support in a relational dynamic for these experiences.


Parenting Classes

TTC offers a revolving 12 weeks series for parents and caregivers.  The program is based on the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum.  In this series we touch on topics to include building routine and consistency, discipline, development and understanding behavior as a communication.   Caregivers are welcome to join at any point as the class is revolving and will come back around to each topic every 12 weeks.  


Family Support

As a family there may be moments that extra support is needed, an unexpected death or separation, exposure to inappropriate sexual materials, trauma or behavioral concerns.


Substance Abuse Resulting from Trauma

We currently offer services for individuals who are struggling with substance abuse issues that are entwined with their trauma.  Individuals who are seeking assistance with both and can meet with our resident LADAC/LPCC.